Remove Facebook Gender

I have created an automated method to remove your gender on facebook, and make it refer to you as "they" - this is what everyone will see, and not just you. I've tested it in Firefox and Chrome, but it may work in other browsers. I appreciate your feedback! There's also an alternative method at the bottom of the page if your broswer is unsupported. Method follows:
  1. For Firefox, install Greasemonkey. Restart firefox. If you're using Chrome, install and enable Tampermonkey. If you're using Opera you might try these instructions, although I haven't tried it myself. Similarly, these instructions might help Safari users. IE users might try Trixie.
  2. Install this script.
  3. Visit the mobile site to change your gender. You should now have an Other/Undisclosed option, as shown below.


This script was written by Alec Wright, an engineering undergrad at Cambridge university. If you found this useful, please get in touch by email ('me' AT this domain)! You might also be interested in my blog.

(Note that I previously published a more involved method of doing this, available here for reference.)